How the New Pool & Spa Building Process Works

The new pool and spa construction process is something the pros at Kancun Pools and Spas thoroughly understand. It involves the following steps:

  • Selecting the Design: Other than your first dip in the pool, this may be the most exciting part of the entire process! It’s where you pick out the pool and/or spa you want to enhance your home. We will help you if you need it and really want you to enjoy this part of the project.
  • Developing the Estimate: We will prepare an all-in, no hidden cost estimate that includes the materials, labor and timeline that will be needed to complete your pool project.
  • Acquiring Permits: We will secure all of the permits required by your city or county so everything is in compliance.
  • Excavating the Earth: A bobcat or backhoe tractor will be used to dig the hole for your pool. It will be about 6” larger than the pool dimensions to allow for forming material to be used around the outer edge.
  • Roughing in: This is where the plumbing and electricity fittings are installed in the walls and from your electrical panel. Meeting or exceeding building codes, Kancun Pools and Spas uses state of the art procedures and equipment to ensure safe and secure pool installation and operation.
  • Building the Pool: Only the toughest rebar, strongest mesh framework, the most durable gunite, and the finest deck and landscaping material are used by Kancun Pools and Spas. The result will be a decorative, beautiful pool that will bring you years of enjoyment.

One of our professionals will start up your pool for the first time. Easy to understand instructions will be provided on how to maintain your pool as well as demonstrations on how to check chemicals, clean the filter, empty skimmer baskets and perform other important procedures.