FAQS On New Pool & Spa Construction

Below are some questions we get asked:

How do I choose the right pool builder?

Choose your prospective builder by performing due diligence around the following nine issues:

  • Research the company’s reputation including contacting the BBB, checking on them with state consumer affairs and obtaining reliable references.
  • Observe how the company treats you during the interview process.
  • Discover how long the company has been in business and working in your area.
  • Make sure they are properly licensed in the state.
  • Find out how many pools have they built and look at pictures of them if possible.
  • Ask for a clear written estimate which includes an all-in cost and a timeline.
  • Determine the total scope of the project and see what they will or will not do.
  • Check on the financial stability of the company.
  • Make sure they have a plan to keep you informed every step of the way.

Will the value of my home increase if it has a pool?

Most studies suggest a 7 to 15% value increase of your home. The best way to find out a more exact amount is to talk to an area realtor.

Is caring for a swimming pool a lot of work?

Today’s technology has turned pool maintenance into an easy process. For instance, you can automate all of your chemical testing and maintenance, cleaning, preprogrammed filtration and heating. (Kancun Pools and Spas also offers a worry-free weekly pool maintenance service.)

Are pools expensive?

As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for. The specialists at Kancun Pools and Spas will work with you to find a pool that fits your budget.

Why do cost estimates vary so much with pools?

More than just the size and shape of a pool factor into the total costs. Make sure the estimate you receive covers the following:

  • Costs and quality of materials and labor
  • Permit costs
  • Level of craftsmanship
  • Design credentials
  • The strength of the underground infrastructure
  • A high quality of customer care
  • A realistic construction timeline
  • Any warranties
  • Required workers compensation and liability insurance and the proper licensure

Another factor that may result pool cost increases is the hardscape. This is what is placed around the pool to enhance the look of the space. It includes decks, patios, waterfalls, gazebos, landscaping, etc. This is where you can control a lot of the expense.

How do I pick a design for my pool?

One point to consider is how you plan to use your pool. Will children use it? Do you want to exercise in it? Survey the unique features of your grounds and discuss with your family and of course, a Kancun Pools and Spas expert, where a pool might look best. Our representative may take photographs, video or even make sketches of your yard to prepare a custom design that seamlessly blends into while enhancing the outside appearance of your home.

What are some additional options I might want to add to the pool?

Water treatment, outdoor fiber-optic lighting, spa products, remote controls and automatic cleaning systems are just a few of the options you might want to consider. Talk to your Kancun Pools and Spas professional for more information.

Will my electric bill go up if I have a pool?

Estimates range from $30 to $50 more per month in electrical costs depending on usage.

What about accidents occurring at my pool?

Attentive adult supervision is the best way to maintain a safe pool. However, gates, pool alarms, pool covers add additional layers of safety for curious children.